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Diane LaMere

Diane LaMere is primarily an outdoor painter. With Minnesota as her home state, she has found many beautiful images to paint from its wealth of lakes, trees, fields and farms. But she has also put brush to canvas in Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, France, Hawaii, Mexico, Montana, South Dakota and Utah.


She prefers to work directly from life and enjoys the communication with Mother Nature, saying, “It engages all the senses. You feel the breeze, smell the air, and hear the birds, as you see the beauty before you.”  In the tradition of the impressionists, she strives to capture the fleeting light with expressive, painterly brushstrokes. To that end, she needs to paint quickly and decisively, before the light changes and the shadows move. Her indoor studio work is done from field studies, reference photos and memory.  


LaMere credits a John Singer Sargent exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago with opening her eyes to the excitement of paint. Another artist to have an impact on her is Montana artist, Clyde Aspevig.  And speaking of inspirations, LaMere would surely mention the French impressionists and the Russian painters with their thick, bold paint strokes. She received classical training in St. Paul MN from the talented painter and teacher, Joseph Paquet. 

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