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Arthur Allie (1872 - 1953)

Arthur Allie was born in DePere, Wisconsin on May 20, 1872, to David Allie and Adeline Boutin.  He studied in New York with the artist Robert Henri of “The Eight” as well as some of the well-known “Ashcan school” of painters.  Subsequently, he returned to St. Paul where he remained for the rest of his life.


Nicholas Brewer, in his book Trails of a Paintbrush, referred to Allie as "the dear old socialist - an artist by nature as well as technique."  Brewer went on to say that he had "so much respect for his own ideas and inclinations that he never would adopt those of anyone else."  


Allie married Marjorie Thompson. 


He created beautiful paintings of St. Paul and the surrounding landscapes which showed his great artistic talents.  He is known mostly for his works in the 1930s and the early 1940s when he worked for a number of the federally funded arts programs.


Allie passed away in St. Paul in 1953.

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