Gallery 5004 Events Page

Are you stranded in your house and unable to visit your favorite art gallery? Not a problem, as you can now convert the screen you are looking at into a virtual art gallery. Check it out ... go for a stroll in our three-room online art gallery and enjoy a "mini" art show featuring recent Cameron Booth acquisitions that are available at Gallery 5004 ... just click on the following virtual art show


-- Please remember that during January, February and March 2020, Gallery 5004 is open by appointment only. Our monthly art shows will begin again in April 2020. However, during the first three months of the year, we encourage you to monitor Gallery 5004’s Facebook page and website to view our extensive inventory of artwork and new additions to it. 


-- Also, remember Gallery 5004 is always open by appointment, so, if you see something on our website that you want to see in person, or you simply want to visit the gallery, feel free to contact us to schedule a time that works for both you and us. 

-- Click here to check our Facebook page for regular updates on Gallery 5004.