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Birdtown Avenue of Art

Introducing Robbinsdale’s newest cultural amenity … the “Birdtown Avenue of Art ” … comprised of two unique art galleries, both located about two blocks west of West Broadway (Robbinsdale’s main street), on 42nd Avenue North.  


Robbin Gallery is a local nonprofit artists' cooperative with a mission of bringing art to the community while helping artists grow and learn to develop their skills and creativity.

At home in the historic Robbinsdale library building, Robbin Gallery hosts eleven exhibits each year including two member shows and the "Extremely Minnesota" statewide juried exhibition. Eight monthly "Special Exhibits" are available each year to individual artists or groups of artists.

Gallery 5004, located across the street and a couple of doors west of Robbin Gallery, is an event-based art gallery with a passion for featuring a diverse selection of renowned Minnesota artists from the past, as well as many current and emerging artists from the area. 

Residing in a cozy Sears Roebuck kit home built in 1921, Gallery 5004 seeks to treat you to a visual potpourri as you peruse rock, metal and wood sculptures; prints and paintings; pottery, glass, and other original creations that defy categorization.

So, edify your day with an uplifting excursion to the Birdtown Avenue of Art … visit both Robbin Gallery and Gallery 5004 to experience first-hand the joys of being surrounded by fascinating local art.  We guarantee free admission, lasting memories and maybe even a nice piece of art to take home.

Robbin Gallery
Gallery 5004



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