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Buying Artwork 



Information on buying Minnesota

artwork from Gallery 5004


Option 1:

Visit Gallery 5004 when we are open or by appointment, examine the artwork you are interested in and purchase the pieces you love via cash, check or credit card.


Option 2:

If you are not able to physically visit Gallery 5004, you can still purchase the works you love.  Here's the process:


  • Review Gallery 5004s featured artwork on the “Artists” page of our website.

  • Once you decide on one or more pieces you are interested in, please contact us via email ( with any questions or additional information you need to help make your decisions.

  • Once you decide on the work(s) you want to purchase, we will need to determine the packing and shipping costs.

  • After we get that information, Gallery 5004 will contact you for final approval and payment over the phone for the artwork and shipping expenses via credit card.

  • Next, we will deliver the artwork to the shipper for packing and shipping.   

  • Finally, we will email you a receipt and tracking number for your artwork.

  Thanks so much for your interest in Gallery 5004!

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