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Carl Rawson (1884 -1970)

Carl Rawson was born in Van Meter, Iowa, on January 28, 1884 and raised in Des Moines, Iowa.  Rawson earned the money for his first art lessons by working as a secretary for the Des Moines Baseball Club.  He loved sports and was an avid outdoorsman his entire life.


Rawson's formal education in art was substantial.  He studied first at the Cumming School of Art in Des Moines and later at the Minneapolis School of Art and the National Academy of Design in New York.  


Carl Rawson moved to Minnesota in 1906 to work as a cartoonist for the Minneapolis Tribune and remained with the Tribune for nine years, sketching thousands of persons for the newspaper.  Also in 1906 he married Louelle Pattee, a gifted artist in her own right.  


In 1915 Rawson left the Minneapolis Tribune, determined to be his own boss and to earn his living by painting portraits.  Many of his portraits are of local dignitaries and national figures. His palette was not limited to portraits.  He also painted landscapes.  His paintings portrayed the Hudson River in New York to the streams of Arkansas and the hills of east Texas, but most of all he enjoyed painting scenes in Minnesota.  


Carl Rawson's successful career as a painter enabled him to purchase a home for his family in Minneapolis where he was not far from many of the city's lakes.  He took full advantage of Minnesota's many seasons to capture different vistas.  


Rawson died in Minneapolis on December 4, 1970.

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