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Consigning or Selling your Artwork 




Information on consigning or selling Minnesota

artwork at Gallery 5004


Minnesota Artists from the past:


If you own artwork by Minnesota artists from the past (19th or 20th century), Gallery 5004 might be interested in consigning or buying it.  In order to know for sure, we need some additional information from you.  We can get this information either by having you bring the artwork to Gallery 5004 for us to see in person; or if that is not convenient, please send us the following information via email (


  • Name of the artist.

  • Pictures of the front and back of the work, and if possible, close-ups of the signature and any other writing or labels on the back. 

  • Dimensions of the image of the artwork, not including the mat or frame.

  • The medium of the work (e.g., oil or watercolor painting, drawing or something else?)

  • Is it signed and or dated on either the front or back?

  • Is the piece framed?

  • And finally, are there any condition issues you are aware of?


With this information, we should be able to give you an idea of the retail price of the work at Gallery 5004 and from that value, we can determine the consignment value you would realize when we sell the work at the gallery, or we can ascertain the purchase price of the piece if Gallery 5004 is interested in buying the work directly from you.  Finally, if the artwork cannot be personally delivered to Gallery 5004, the owner of the artwork will need to cover the cost of shipping the work to the gallery.  Thanks so much for your interest in consigning or selling your artwork to Gallery 5004, we appreciate the opportunity to do business with you. 


Contemporary Minnesota artists:

At this time, Gallery 5004 is not accepting new artwork by contemporary Minnesota artists. However, if you are a contemporary artist and would like to potentially exhibit at Gallery 5004 in the future, please feel free to send us some pictures of a sampling of your work.  Be sure to include dimensions, media and retail prices of your works.  Also, include your biography.  We will keep this information on file and if we have openings in the future, your work will be considered at that time.  Thanks so much for your interest in Gallery 5004. 

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