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ROBERT & Patricia Crump



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Robert Crump (1935 - 2008) and Patricia Kennedy Crump (1937 - 2008)


Bob and Pat Kennedy Crump celebrated a life filled with art. Bob was an author, historian, and expert on Minnesota printmaking. Pat was a founding member of Old Town Artists, an artist-run coop in St. Paul, established in 1958. They were both art administrators as well, organizing the annual fine art exhibition at the Minnesota State Fair, the largest juried competition in the state, for nearly 20 years.


Most importantly however, Bob and Pat were talented working artists. They shared a studio and a passion for sketching and painting outdoors. In addition, they were avid art collectors, assembling over the years an impressive collection of paintings and prints by Minnesota artists.


Bob was also the author of the popular book “Minnesota Prints and Printmakers, 1900 – 1945.”  Gallery 5004 continues to utilize this book in researching Minnesota artists from the past.


In the fall of 2008, within a span of just a few weeks, both Pat and Bob unexpectedly passed away. It was a loss not only for their family and friends but also for the entire Minnesota arts community.


Through the vision and generosity of their five children, the Minnesota Historical Society received a gift of more than 100 original works of art in their memory, a rich legacy for future generations.


Special thanks to the Minnesota Historical Society for this information on Robert and Patricia Crump.





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