Gallery 5004 Events Page

July Update:

Gallery 5004 is beginning the process of opening up for our 2020 art show season.  Here’s what won’t happen any time soon … opening receptions.  As much fun as they are, we won’t be crowding people into our cozy Sears Roebuck catalog kit house (otherwise known as Gallery 5004) any time soon.


So, what will we be doing?  Our plan is to offer you a variety of ways to interact with Gallery 5004 and the Minnesota artwork you love.  Our hope is that you will find an alternative that works best for you to enjoy the artwork featured at Gallery 5004.


Here are five options for you at Gallery 5004 …


1) Attend our first live show of 2020, NEW ACQUISITIONS, in person between Noon and 4:00 PM ...

           -- on the following Saturdays:  July 18, July 25 and August 1

           -- or the following Sundays:  July 19, July 26 and August 2.        

This show features recent Gallery 5004 acquisitions by over 30 renowned Minnesota artists.  For the safety and health of everyone attending this show, please join us in wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing while at the gallery.  Also know that Gallery 5004 will currently limit the number of people in the gallery at one time to a maximum of 8, will provide hand-sanitizer for anyone who wants it and will regularly wipe down frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs with disinfectant wipes. 


2) Attend NEW ACQUISITIONS in person by making an appointment.  Please send us an email at and suggest a day and time or two that work for you, and we will do our best to make it happen.


3) Watch the linked video … NEW ACQUISITIONS which gives you a preview of the July show, or, if you are not able to attend the show in person, use the video as your personal virtual overview of the show.


4) Check out another Gallery 5004 virtual art show at the following link … TEN BY FOUR.  This virtual art show gives you an opportunity to experience the works of even more Minnesota artists in an effort to make up for a little bit of lost gallery time this year.  This show features ten works by each of four prominent Minnesota artists of the 20th century: Thomas Cowette, Hugh Kappel, Richard Sussman, and Ada Wolfe.


5) Finally, you can view all the Minnesota artists and artwork in Gallery 5004s inventory by browsing our website


There you have it, a variety of ways to interact with Gallery 5004 and your favorite Minnesota artists, and stay safe and healthy at the same time.  Please pick one or more of the alternatives that work best for you and … Enjoy!








-- Gallery 5004s September and October show starts on September 19 and goes until October 10.  More information coming soon.


-- We are currently planning additional live art shows for 2020.  More information coming soon.


-- Gallery 5004 is also open by appointment, please email us to set up a time that works for both you and us. 

-- Click here to check our Facebook page for regular updates on Gallery 5004.