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Old Foundry Molds

Gallery 5004 features an inventory of great vintage foundry molds, hand made out of wood by skilled craftsmen and specifically designed for creating cast iron machine parts.  Through precision woodworking the molds were designed as perfect replicas of a machine part that was requested by a customer.  Next the wood molds were used in a sand casting process to create the machine pieces in cast iron.  Our foundry molds are in excellent condition, featuring the original natural and painted wood finishes (some have normal dents and marks from use) and each one has a unique number.  


The molds were originally designed in the 1920's and 1930's by Mereen-Johnson Machine Company, a Minneapolis foundry.  Beyond their obvious interesting shapes and historical significance they can be used to accent your decor as pedestals or display pieces for other works of art, book ends, shelves, lamp bases etc. ... or you can just hung them on a wall as a decorative conversation piece.  Let your imagination run wild with these pieces ... maybe even incorporate one or two of them in your own original work of art.


Pictured are just a few of the numerous pieces of unique foundry molds we have at Gallery 5004.