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Jim Proctor


Jim Proctor’s sculptures are constructed of gathered plant materials and can be described as delicate, elegant and original.  His small sculptural works are often measured in inches and crafted from acorns, thorns, plant hairs, stems, winged seeds, and roots which he gathers locally and regionally.

Jim was born in Ohio and studied art at St. Olaf College, graduating in 1992. While at St. Olaf, Jim began to experiment with incorporating plant materials into his landscape and plant inspired paintings. Ultimately, the paint and paper disappeared and he found himself simply recombining plant forms to create sculptural works.


Inspired in large part by his own buckthorn removal work in the natural areas of Northfield and his current home, Minneapolis, he was moved to create public artwork, adapting his methods to bring about a vision of the stark yet unnoticed changes in our natural surroundings, and to promote the cause of ecological restoration.

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