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June Corwine (1916 - 1999)

Oct. 1935 Began study at WPA art school after attending the Minneapolis School of Art.  Studied drawing under Erie Loran
Apr 1936 Began painting under
Elof Wedin
Jul 1936 Began painting under Mac LeSeure (continued until 1938)
Nov 1937 First Exhibition, Twin City Show, Minneapolis Institute of Art, of painting Man at Work
Oct 1938 Received scholarship to St. Paul School of Art.  Awarded Honorable Mention at the Minnesota State Fair
Nov 1938 Second Prize of $35.00 at Twin City Show, Minneapolis Institute of Art for painting Pool Players.  Rented studio at 3rd and Lake with Miriam Kand - $5.00 each.  Attended afternoon classes under
Cameron Booth
Sep 1939 Painting Hag exhibited at Minnesota State Fair
Oct 1939 Second part-time scholarship at the St. Paul New School on Summit Avenue
Nov 1939 Painting Wench exhibited in the Twin City Show
May 1940 Began painting by myself in studio
Oct 1940 Won First Prize at the Minnesota State Fair for painting Still Life
Nov 1940 Still Life exhibited at the Twin City Show
Mar 1941 Still Life won second prize in exhibition at the Women's Club ($12.00)
Aug 1941 Figure Composition won second prize at the Minnesota State Fair
Mar 1942 One-man show at Walker Art Gallery *(I believe June told me she was 18 years old at this time. CB)
Aug 1943 Won second prize at Minnesota State Fair.  This painting (a still life) bought for the Walker Collection ($75.00)  One-woman show at the Hanley Gallery, Minneapolis
Aug 1944 Third prize at the Minnesota State Fair
May 1949 One-woman show at Walker Art Center
Sep 21, 1946  Married Walter Skrivseth
Nov 1946 Sold painting to Hamline University ($35.00)
Mar 1947 Group show at St. Paul Gallery
Apr 1947 Group show at Walker Art Center
Sep 1947 Invitation to exhibit at the 58th Chicago Annual
Jun 1947 Moved to New York *(June told me she and Walter lived in  Greenwich Village. CB)
Feb 1948 Sold painting from 58th Chicago Annual to Mrs. Bingham, Minneapolis
1955 Founding Member of the March Gallery, New York
1959 hree-person show at the March Gallery
1960 One-woman show at the March
During residence in NYC, June studied at the Art Students League.  Walter was diagnosed with MS and eventually June could no longer be his sole caretaker and they decided to return to Minneapolis.  June lived most of the rest of her life in her mother's home at 4708 Columbus and helped in her mother's shop where they sold ceramics and lingerie. 

1968 Return to Minneapolis
1975 Joined the Minnesota Artist Association. 2 paintings exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair
1976 Paintings accepted for exhibit at the MAA Annaul Show
1977 Converted upper story of 4708 Columbus into a studio
1979 Won a merit award for watercolors from the Minnesota State Fair
1980 Won 2 Grand Awards from the MAA State Open Exhibition. Trio exhibited at Minnesota State Fair
1981 Seated Figure exhibited at State Fair.  Won first prize from Honeywell Exhibition
1982 $200.00 cash award from the Minnesota State Fair for Fireflies
1983 Honorable mention from Honeywell Exhibition
1985 The Invalid exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair (in the collection of Tom and Deborah Starrs, Tucson, 2007)
1986 Honorable mention from Winter Carnival.  The Sky Belongs to Everyone exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair (Bird collection since June's death)
1987 Award of Excellence from the Winter Carnival.  The Riders exhibited at the State Fair
1988 June Corwine: Recent Paintings exhibition at the College of St. Catherine, Catherine G. Murphy Galleries
This is the end of June's own "Personal Progress", as she called it.  She eventually developed back problems and after surgery was unable to climb the stairs to her studio.  She began doing small works in ink on paper, working in series.  By 1996 back pain became too intense to allow her even this creative pleasure.  In 1997-98 June suffered a bout of influenza which was debilitating and her nephew made the decision to place her in a nursing home in Bloomington, MN.  It was there she lived out the remainder of her life.

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