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Kim Matthews Artist's Statement

From the outset my work has involved an enthusiastic investigation of materials and processes. I’ve made reliefs and freestanding works in cast paper, wood, canvas, metal, and other media.

I’m interested in the tension between dualities, as it’s these pairs of opposites that both hold the material world together and, in yogic terms, bind us to it.  My sculpture is rooted in a long-term meditation practice, having begun in an effort to translate experiences of expanded awareness into visual form: to map the development of consciousness to grasp it both implicitly and explicitly.  


In 2009 I began developing a personal vocabulary informed by Postminimalist art of the 1960s using limited color, repetition, a “handmade geometry,” and an “overall” approach often in square or cubic form.  It is the slight differences created by hand work that document individual decisions and bring what at a distance looks monotonous or mechanical to life.  They are the mantra, captured.

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