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Liridona Abdullahu

Liridona Abdullahu was born in Kosovo in 1994. She discovered very early in life that she enjoyed painting and started taking art classes while she was in grade school. 


During her years of study at the University of Pristina/Faculty of Fine Arts she focused on Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist who has inspired her paintings over a number of years.  Liridona has painted many portraits of Frida and combining the portraits with her own life experiences has been a favorite subject. 


Her first show in a common exhibition was in 2008 at the Da Vinçi Art Gallery.  Her love and passion for painting and drawing continued to grow while she worked at an art gallery and taught painting and drawing classes in Kosovo.  She attained her degree in painting and now lives and works in Minnesota.


Liridona’s painting style utilizes various techniques and materials, and she enjoys working on different topics such as portraits and landscapes. 

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