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Paul Hapke


Paul Hapke was a Midwest regional artist, professor of art, and a working artist at Minnesota State University Mankato for over 26 years.


He was accomplished and productive in many media, including drawing and woodcut printing, wood, stone, welded and cast sculpture, oil, and watercolor painting. He was also a gifted teacher who knew how to inspire his students, via his example of making art while he taught.  He was a generous man, one who opened his office and his home to students for informal symposia and spontaneous tutorials.


He had a great sense of humor and a great knowledge of artists and their works. He’d also seen a lot of art in other countries and around the United States but rarely referenced that wealth of experience except when he needed to critique a student’s work or make a point in class.


In 1984 an endowment was started in his honor by family, friends, and alums of Minnesota State University Mankato to provide scholarship opportunities to students concentrating in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, printmaking, photography or sculpture.

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