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Paul H. Winchell (1903 - 1972)

Paul Winchell was an Impressionist and Modern painter, printmaker, illustrator, teacher, and gilder.  He grew up in North Perry, Ohio and then studied and worked as an instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago for three years. He studied with Leon Kroll, Boris Anisfeld, Daniel Garber, Charles Woodbury, George Oberteuffer, and Elmer Forsberg.  Before moving to Minneapolis Winchell traveled and studied in Spain, Africa, Italy, England, Germany, and France.

In Minneapolis, he was an instructor at the Minneapolis School of Art from 1930 to sometime in the 1940s.  In 1931, he exhibited three oil paintings in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ Sixteenth Annual Exhibition of the Work of Minneapolis and St. Paul Artists.  He received second honorable mention in oil painting for “Old Family.”  The following year he received third honorable mention in oil painting for his “Portrait of Miss C.”  Winchell exhibited his work subsequently in other Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) exhibitions in 1933 and 1935 – 1938. He received first prize in the prints category at the Minnesota State Fair in 1940. Other exhibitions included the St. Paul Gallery and School of Art, the Midwestern Artists Association, the Kansas City Art Institute and the Chicago Art Institute.

According to the Hennepin History Museum, Winchell lived at 2416 Dupont Ave So. in 1932 and 4 West 26th St. from 1936 – 1956. In 1946, he was hired as an artist for Brown & Bigelow in St. Paul who typically hired local artists to illustrate calendars with representational art such as hunting scenes. In 1948 Winchell worked at the Cedar Advertising Agency in St. Paul.

The following institutions in the Twin Cities have at least one art work by Winchell in their collections: Weisman Art Museum, Minnesota Historical Society, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Minneapolis Central Public Library. 

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