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Stephen Winters


Stephen Winters was born in St. Paul in 1967 and he attended the University of Minnesota from 1985-1991. While a junior at the U of M, he received a scholarship to attend the Yale Summer School of Music and Art in Norfolk, Connecticut.

Upon his graduation from the U of M, he worked for a year while and he also worked on his portfolio at a studio he shared with a friend in Lowertown, St. Paul.

In 1993 Winters received a full tuition scholarship and paid assistant ship to teach basic drawing from the University of Cincinnati.  He graduated with distinction and an MFA, in painting and sculpture, from this program in 1995. 

Winters returned to St. Paul upon graduation and became a candidate to join the Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church.  He was a Jesuit for seven years and, during this time, received a MA in Philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago.  His graduate thesis centered on the Philosophy of Art and Beauty.  He was a Jesuit from 1997 through 2004.

After leaving the Society, he taught art at a grade-school in Milwaukee from 2004 to 2005. 

Winters returned to Minnesota in 2005 and has lived as an artist, with the odd job here and there, since that time. He has been involved in numerous shows in and around the Twin Cities over the last 10 plus years.

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