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Steven Sorman (1948-present)


Steven Sorman, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1948, is best known for his multimedia, complex paintings, drawings and prints.


Internationally known as a painter and printmaker, Sorman earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in 1971.


Since his debut in the early 1970s Steven Sorman has built a reputation with, openly decorative mixed-medium works. Sorman's ornamental predilections have often provoked comparisons with the sensibilities of Matisse and Motherwell, though his work displays an equally strong kinship with Rauschenberg's cooler, "flat bed" organization of pictorial space.  Like his accomplished precursors, Sorman has made collage a central part of his artistic practice.


Sorman has an ability to orchestrate theme, line, layer, media and color into unique and challenging images that demand a rhythm of eye movement throughout his artwork. He is also noted for artworks that are visually complex. His surfaces are rich, varied and detailed, and full of vivid color. 



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